Tips for Introverted Solo Travellers

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Tips for Introverted Solo Travellers

An introverted solo traveller sends out lots of signals that they want to be kept to themselves and can be difficult people to get to know, why do I know that? I am one. One huge lesson that I have learnt is that being introverted can sometimes have a negative impact on your travels, but you should never change who you are; instead look at different ways of travelling to get the most out of the experience.

Here are five tips for introverted solo travellers.

Book on to tours

While booking on organised tours can increase the cost of your travels, they are perfect for making new friends. The best place to go to book a tour is the local tourism information office and tell them that you want to book with a tour operator that only takes out small groups.

Take yourself out of the comfort zone

Set yourself a weekly challenge, where once a week you take yourself out of the comfort zone; the challenge could be to do an adventurous activity like sand boarding, or, to eat cuisine that you’ve never eaten before. I have found that this really does help to build your confidence, and the more confident you feel, the better experience you will have as an introverted solo traveller.


One of the biggest challenges introverted solo travellers face on a daily basis, is starting a conversation. Sometimes all it takes is a smile, seriously, just smile and people will say hello and before you know it, you’re sat having a fantastic conversation. This has worked a lot for me in the four months that I have been travelling round the world.

Finding perfect holiday accommodation

The last type of hotel or hostel an introverted solo traveller wants to stay in is one that is noisy, boisterous, and a party zone. So, take your time to research your accommodation; read reviews because they always tell a story that helps you make a decision. I can highly recommend Airbnb if you want a quite space. You can book individual rooms in a host’s house, or, book full accommodation like an apartment. You can be as sociable as you want to be, either stay in your room, or, socialise with your host.

As an introvert I always try and avoid hostels, but if you’re in a place where hotels are generally expensive then most hostels these days have single rooms where you can relax and chill out, which leads me on to my next tip for introverted solo travellers.

Buy noise-cancelling headphones

Buying headphones will be the best decision you will make, because when a hotel is noisy, you are able to put on your favourite music, watch a movie and zone out the horrendous partying and noise from the night club underneath the hotel, or, extroverted travellers staying in the neighboring rooms.

Being an introvert does not mean you cannot have fun. What’s important is that you create enjoyable memories, smile, and take yourself out of the comfort zone from time to time. I hope these tips help you as much as they have helped me over the last four months.

Photo of a solo traveller. Udi Goren