Trip Planning while Travelling

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Trip Planning while Travelling

Unless you plan every single aspect of your round the world trip prior to departing, you will have to plan your trip as you are travelling. This might sound daunting but it gives you flexibility to where you travel. For confidence I opted for purchasing a round the world flight ticket, and planned the countries within my route beforehand, but only knew my destinations in those countries a few weeks prior. So with this in mind, let me offer some tips on trip planning while travelling round the world.

Avoid last minute planning

Seasoned travellers will probably disagree with me, but I would not advise leaving booking accommodation or transport to the last minute, not only will you be limited to where you can stay, but, you might be out of pocket as prices can increase the nearer you get to your departure date. While in Bangkok I opted for taking the train up to Chiang Mai, and went to the train station the day before I wanted to depart, to find out that no seats were available. Being flexible with your dates of travel will save you a small fortune.

Research your destination

Researching your next destination can save you a lot of time, money and stress, believe me! Look at where the bus/train station or airport is from your accommodation, and how you will travel there – it’s amazing how far away from the city centre some airports can be. Find out if there are any bank holidays, which might have an impact on your trip. If you do book last minute, make sure that there are major events taking place, which means that hotels have no vacancies. With so much to organise make sure that you have the appropriate visas.

Download mobile apps

While you will have to rely on a decent Internet connection, downloading apps on to your mobile phone for hotel booking, flights, tourist information, budgeting etc. will help you plan your trip as you travel.

Use social media

Ask family and friends on the likes of Facebook is a good way to find out about places to visit, things to do, and recommendations on accommodation. Ask questions to tourist boards on Twitter; check forums like Lonely Planet’s Thorntree. Watch travel videos on YouTube and ask questions in the comments.

Budget as you travel

Unless money is no object, you’ll need to budget as you travel round the world. It is wise to look at the cost of hotels, transport and food before you book anything. A mistake many travellers do is book their flight, train or coach and then starts to search for accommodation to find that there is nothing within their budget. Some cities are incredibly expensive. Look for deals and use comparison websites like Trivago and Skyscanner to find the best prices before you book.

Be organised before you travel

Depending on how long you stay, you might be travelling from one place to another every couple of days; it is easy to lose items as you move accommodation, so, create a check list that you can check off every time you travel and put the essential items like your passport and wallet in the same place everywhere you travel – that way you don’t have a massive panic at the airport.

Don’t rely on technology; your mobile phone battery can run out, you could leave your phone in a café, and if all of your booking information is on the phone, you could end up in a sticky situation. I have a small notepad where I write down my transport information, i.e. flight information, hotel address, telephone number and directions.

Hopefully, this article will help you plan an amazing round the world trip, which will create memories that last a lifetime.