4 Simple Travel Money Tips

Travel Money

Most of us spend all year saving up for our annual holiday in the sun, and it’s important that you come away from that time stress-free, yet, travelling abroad can be a stressful time if your bank cards are lost or stolen, and you are stranded in a foreign country without money. These 4 simple travel money tips will make your holiday stress-free.

Notify your bank that you’re travelling abroad

It’s essential that before you travel, make sure that your bank is aware that you will be using your debit or credit card abroad so that they do not put a freeze on your account due to suspicious activity. Not having access to your money can leave you in a sticky situation, it happens, believe me!

On the one occasion that it happened to me, it took some time to get through to the bank for them to unlock my account, and the time difference will be a problem if they do not offer a 24-hour service.

Have more than one method of payment

Make sure that you have more than one method of payment should your bank card be lost or stolen. Having a debit card, credit card and even a travel money card will save you the stress of being without money while you are on holiday.

The big danger travelling with a few bank cards is the chance that you might lose them, so keep the cards in a safe place within your hotel safe, or, hide them, along with your wallet. Under no circumstances should you take all of the cards out with you.

Check the expiry date on your bank cards

Check the expiry date of your bank cards before you travel. You’ll be surprised how many people go on holiday and not realise that it has expired. Some (not all) banks will allow you to use the card at ATM’s, but many businesses will not accept the card if it has expired, especially restaurants and shops.

Save money and reduce on fees

Try and find a bank account or credit card where you are not charged ridiculous fees when you use it abroad to withdraw money or use the card when shopping. There are banks out there that do not charge you so do some research before you travel to find the best account and credit card, especially if you travel regularly.

In the UK, the Nationwide has an account where ATM withdrawals are free, but they charge 2% per transaction on your card. They do have a credit card where transactions are free, so it’s a good idea to purchase that too, to save money.

Hopefully, these tips will help you and make sure your next trip is stress-free.