Prague Travel Tips for Visitors

Travel Advice

Prague should be on the top of your list of cities to visit in Europe; forget Paris, Rome or Madrid, it really is one of the most stunning cities that you will visit. Today, we’re going to share with you eight travel tips for first-time visitors to this incredible city.

Prague is not in Eastern Europe

Many people assume that Prague is in Eastern Europe, but it is in fact located in Central Europe and while it’s certainly cheaper than Madrid, Rome or London, it’s not as cheap as you might think.

To get the best prices take a tram a few minutes out of the city centre and you’ll find fantastic local restaurants and bar. Most places to eat in the city centre take advantage of a large number of tourists descending on the city, so prices are high.

Prague is a Walkable City

Don’t waste your time using public transport. Prague is a very walkable city and you can get around easily. Plus you’ll miss some amazing architecture and scenery if you are sat on the metro or on a tram. Google maps works really well in Prague, and the app will help you get from A to B, although like most cities, it’s good to get lost from time to time.

Don’t be Ripped off when Exchanging Currency

Don’t exchange currency at any places in or near the tourist areas like the Old Town. You will be ripped off. Sadly, where there are thousands of tourists people will try and take advantage, so go inside a bank, and use an ATM, not only is it safer, but you’ll get a better exchange rate.

Use your common sense and have your wits about you.

Arrive in the Old Town & Charles Bridge Early

To truly see the city without hoards of tourists, get up early and explore places like Charles Bridge and the Old Town. In the Summer, the sun rises early and it can be a beautiful time of the day to explore while most tourists are laid up in bed nursing their hangover.

Head to Vyšehrad to get great views of the city and see the sunrise, you won’t regret it.

Don’t Forget to Look Up

Make sure when you are walking around the city that you look up. The architecture is absolutely incredible and you’ll miss a lot if you walk around with your head looking through the camera lens or down at your mobile phone. Some of the buildings date back hundreds of years.

Did you know that Prague castle dates back to 870, and is one of the world’s largest castles? Can you spot the man hanging out above the cobbled streets of the Old Town, that’s your challenge.

Taxi Drivers have a Bad Reputation

Taxi drivers in most cities have a bad reputation but in Prague they are one of the worst. Make sure that you ask for the meter to be switched on before you get into the car, and if they don’t move on to another driver or use an app like Uber.

Confirm with the driver your destination before you set off on the journey to make sure that there’s no confusion due to the language barrier. It’s a good idea to put the route into Google Maps and make sure that the driver is not taking you on the long route.

Another good idea is to make sure that you make a note of the driver number and company when you get into the taxi, should you have any complaints about the service provided.

Get off the Beaten Track

Prague has many tourist attractions but some of the best scenery and architecture is outside of the main tourist areas. Head to Vyšehrad, and walk around the walls overlooking the city, or, the graveyard where many famous Czech people are buried.

It is a very safe city, so venturing off the beaten path won’t get you in trouble. Make sure you consider Karlin, Vinohrady and Vrsovice, or the Letna and Holesovice districts.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Prague has many cobbled streets, steps leading up to look out points with incredible views of the city. Some of the paths are old, after all, the city was not affected by World War I or II, so, the buildings, have existed for a long time.

Wear comfortable shoes that are going to make exploring around the city pleasurable. When it rains, the cobbles and paths can become slippy, especially after you’ve consumed a few too many Czech beers, so wear shoes with a good grip.

Hopefully, these tips will help you if you’re visiting Prague for the first time, and if you did find this useful please share it.