Places to Visit in Sardinia

Places to Visit in Sardinia

Crystal clear waters, and sun-kissed shores are only few of the things that will take your breath away in Sardinia, Italy. Its undisturbed beauty offers an environment that is the perfect destination to unwind, relax and experience the local culture and amazing cuisine.

Here is a list of the best places to visit in Sardinia (in my opinion!).

Exploring Sardinia

You will quickly realise that you are pretty spoilt for options. The beaches are inviting, of course, but the granite interiors and rocky edges too, have much to offer. Known for its clear waters, the Chia beach is definitely worth a visit. And, while you are here, you must also see Nora, the archaeological site that’s believed to be the most ancient village in all of Sardinia.

You should also stop by to indulge in the beauty of La Maddalena. You can hire a private boat to get the best view of the archipelago or simply relax in one of the cafes on the shore. There’s also a national park in the area, if marine life catches your fancy.

Top on the list is the Barumini’s Nuragic village. This World Heritage Site houses some unique towers that have stood the test of time. Though the purpose of these towers is not very clear, it’s most likely that these were places of worship.

Eating the local cuisine

When you’re done with all the tourist attractions, you should turn your attention to the bounties of local life. The most relished, Su Porcheddu, or the roast Suckling Pig, is a famous delicacy that you’ll find all through Sardinia. Another traditional dish you must try is the Gnocchi Sardi. This pasta is a meatless dish, but comes with the rich flavoring of saffron.

Your visit to Sardinia should definitely culminate in some indulging wine tours! Cannonau, the best red wine in the island is a delight to the palate! There’s also Argiolas Perdera which is regarded as one of the very finest wines in the region. And naturally, the older the wine, the better they taste!

How to get to Sardinia

To get to Sardinia, you can either take a flight or choose to ride a ferry, depending on where you’re starting your journey from. From the Mainland, most prefer flying to Cagliari-Elmas Airport, with an easy connection to Sardinia’s bus and train networks.

You can also fly to Olbia Airport or Alghero-Fertilia Airport, so there are plenty of options. If flying isn’t really your style and you want to test the waters, then try getting on a ferry from Civitavecchia. Cagliari, Costa Smeralda and Porto Rotondo are Sardinian the towns that you can alight at.