Places to Visit in Giglio Island

Places to Visit in Giglio Island

Giglio Island, Tuscany, is a beautiful island, known for its pristine beauty and fabulous beaches. It is located at the southern corner of the Tuscan archipelago, between Corsica and Tuscany. To get here, all you need to do is take a ferry ride from Porto Santo Stefano on the West coast of Italy.

The coastline stretches for a distance of 28 kilometers. It’s an incredible culmination of beautiful bays, mysterious coves and sun-kissed beaches.

Here is our list of the best places to visit in Giglio Island.

The highest point on the island

Poggio Della Pagana, offers a panoramic view of the entire Tuscan archipelago on days with clear skies. This is one sight that will take your breath away. Many medieval walls and towers surround Giglio Castello, giving it the Italian touch. The Parish too is worth a visit for it houses numerous relics and religious texts.

Giglio Island is one of the best places to go scuba diving in Italy. Some of the best locations to take the plunge are Traliccio, Punta del Fenaio, Punta del Morto and Scoglio di Pietrabona among others. There is much to see and experience in the Giglio Islands and the locals are welcoming!

Giglio Porto

The island is mainly composed of small villages facing seas, these villages are stuffed with stories about their ancient past. Giglio Porto lies facing the sea.

It has small houses and the best thing about these houses is multicolored texture in which these are covered. This village is known as Giglio Porto because the only port of Giglio situates it. From the island’s harbour, some of the Giglio’s best beaches are easily reachable: Cannelle, Caldane and Arenella.

Giglio Campese

Giglio Campese is yet another place that can add more enjoyment to your visit. It comprises of a beach, and a bay. This village isn’t as old as the harbour, but it’s quite new: its most ancient building (the sighting tower) dates back to the eighteenth century.

If you are looking for some beach fun and relaxing environment in whole Giglio Island then this is the perfect place for you. It is also among one the more popular tourist destinations in the whole Island.

Roman villas and port ruins

The fourth place, which makes its mark in increasing the attraction and beauty of this island, is Giannutri. It is a small island. This place is mostly inhabited. The reason to become a spot of tourism attraction is the presence of ancient roman villas and roman port ruins. Both of these lie near Cala Maestra.

In other words Giglio Island is enriched with nature and incredible places so when you get a chance to visit don’t forget to stop by these places.