Exploring Penang Hill

Exploring Penang Hill

Penang had an alluring effect, and exploring Penang Hill was one of the highlights of my trip. On a clear day, the views are amazing, and it’s a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Georgetown. The hill comprises of several hills, the highest point has an elevation of 2,723ft above sea level.

Getting to Penang Hill is easy by public transport. Catch the 204 bus from Georgetown, which starts at Weld Quay. The last stop on the route is Penang Hill. On arrival you have two options; either hike up the hill (takes around 3 hours) or, catch the train up to the Hilltop Station.

It will cost you around £5 (30RM) for an adult, return ticket.

Video of Penang Hill

Things to do

At the summit, you can take a leisurely stroll, or ride a buggy along a track that runs for about 1km into residences built around turn of the 20th century. Or take a picnic and sit and admire the amazing views. On Penang Hill there is an Owl museum, a Hindu temple, Mosque, an aviary, and lots of gardens to wander around. The Bellevue (the only hotel on the hill) offers a comfortable setting with a pretty impressive viewpoint of the island.