Passport Validity for Travel

Travel Advice

Today, I’m going to answer a popular question. How long before passport expires can I travel? Over the years, I have heard stories of people arriving at the airport only to be told that they cannot travel because their passport expires within the next few months – after all, most people would assume that they can travel to any country, providing their passport hasn’t expired, but they would be wrong.

The airline will not risk flying you there because if you are rejected at immigration, they will have to fly you back home.

Passport validity depends on the destination

The amount of time left on your passport to travel depends on where you’re travelling to. For most countries you need to have six months left on your passport, but, if you are a British passport holder, and you’re travelling in the EU, then you just have to have a valid passport, as it stands right now – that could change with Brexit.

Check government website for up to date information

Your government will have a website offering advice for every country in the world. In the UK, we have the Foreign, Commonwealth Office and in the USA, you have the US Department of State website. My advice would be, don’t take the risk, if you have less than 12 months left on your passport, renew before you travel.