How to Make Money While Travelling

How to Make Money While Travelling

For many people, travelling and working remotely is the ultimate dream. There are many people trying to sell this dream, without really highlighting how difficult it is to make money online while travelling. Here are some ideas on how to make money while travelling.

Sell your skills to local businesses

Think about the skills that you have that could benefit businesses locally and also online. Maybe you’re a developer, photographer, or copy-writer, contact business who you think might be interested in your skills and offer your services.

Create a website and showcase your skills, build a portfolio of your previous work and add testimonials, because this will help you gain work.

Work for a company

A growing number of companies are employing remote workers because it reduces the cost for office space and since most of the tasks are completed online, it’s easy for managers to track output from the employee.

It’s important that you check the times that they want you to work and bear in the mind the time differences as this might through up some challenges. If you plan to travel a lot then it’s wise to make sure that they are happy with you travelling continuously.

Sell stock-photographs or video

If you have a good eye for detail and have taken some impressive photos or videos then think about selling them online for some additional money during your travels. Think beforehand the type of photos that you think might be good locations and spend quality time taking photos and editing them to a high standard.

There are a ton of communities out there where you can sell your photos including Shutterstock, PicFair and Videoblocks.

Create a product that you can sell online

Prior to your travels think about the type of product that you could create and sell online – it could be anything from a glossy photograph book, a course or a physical product like a t-shirt. To do this successfully, you need to either have an audience or, have the funds to purchase ads to promote the product on Google Adwords or Facebook.

Write a blog and make money

Write a blog like this and include links to affiliate programs like Amazon to products which match your content. So, if you are writing about technology, you’d like to products like cameras, mobile phones and generate money when a sale is made.

Also, you can add Google Adsense ads within your content and when people click on the ad links you will generate revenue from it.

This is possibly the most difficult way to make money, as you need a lot of people coming to your website and clicking on the links.

No quick way to make money

Being totally honest with you, making money online while you travel is not easy and it is a good idea to start to build your audience prior to travelling so that you have people who are interested in your products or services and will buy while you are travelling.