Book Indirect Flights to Save Money

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Book Indirect Flights to Save Money

Prior to my recent travels I would never have considered travelling on a non direct flight, but it is often a cheaper way of flying.  The biggest concern for many is if the initial flight is delayed or cancelled, you will be at the mercy of the airline. My advice is to only book with a reputable airline (yes, there are still some around), which will make arrangements to put you on the next available flight. It’s important to read the booking terms and conditions and remember that most low cost carrier’s are point to point airlines, so, you’re less likely to receive assistance unless you paid for a more flexible ticket.

Do your research before flying

Stopover’s can be tiresome, especially if the airport has limited facilities, and more so if you have long flights to contend with too. Take the price difference into consideration and if it would be less hassle to pay for the more expensive direct flight.

My biggest tip would be to make sure that you have plenty of time to transfer between flights. You’ll often have to contend with security, passport control, and then travel between airport terminals.   Check the airport’s website prior to your trip, as this often allows you to download an airport map, and plenty of advice about how to transfer from A to B.

Notify your bank to avoid card issues

You might be super organised and have contacted your bank about the places that you’re travelling to, should, they attempt to block your card. But, did you include the city/country where you’re stopping over. Not doing so could cause problems if you’re unable to withdraw money, or use your bankcard.

This applies to any type of flight, but always make sure that you have copies of your flight numbers and itinerary, and that you have adequate travel insurance should the worse case scenario happen.

Travelling light is essential

Travel with just cabin luggage and you cut down the risk that your baggage will be lost – this is much more likely to happen if the airport have to transfer your baggage from flight A to B. It’s a great feeling walking through immigration, and straight past baggage reclaim. Try it the next time you travel.

Yes, booking an indirect flight does not sound hassle free, but it all comes down to how much you are going to save. For my latest flight between Manchester and Penang (via Frankfurt and Kuala Lumpur) I saved myself £300, which would pay for additional flights later in the year.