How to travel the world for cheap

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How to travel the world for cheap

Travelling from A to B has become cheaper in recent years due to the increase in low-cost airlines, and more options for coach and train routes between destinations.  Here are our tips on how to travel the world for cheap.

If you know the route you want to travel on, then booking a round the world flight ticket might be a cheaper option. If you want more flexibility than you could fly indirect or with low cost airlines, to save the most money. Travelling between Manchester, England and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was £350 cheaper because I flew via Frankfurt in Germany – of course, this will increase your travel time, but it might be worth it, to save the money.

Be Flexible with your Travel Plans

To save money getting from A to B my advice would be to be flexible on the dates and times (travel off-peak), and be prepared to spend more time travelling by using coaches and trains to get to your destination. Signing up to newsletters can help you find discounts. Also, flight comparison websites like Hipmunk and Skyscanner, will make life easier finding the best price.

How to find free accommodation

The cost of hotels and hostels can start to mount up as you travel, especially if you include expensive cities like Dubai and Singapore in your itinerary. Two good ways to reduce the cost of your accommodation is to volunteer or become a house sitter.


Save money on accommodation by volunteering, and stay with local people. How it works is simple, you create a profile on a volunteering website (WOOF and Helpx are the most popular), find hosts in the places you want to visit, and are looking for the skills that you have (i.e. child minding, gardening, DIY, housework etc.). Read the hosts listing and profile (especially reviews) carefully.

Most hosts will ask you to work between 2 and 4 hours a day, and in return you receive free accommodation and food. Bear in mind that some countries do not allow you to volunteer on a tourist visa, so, look into it before you travel.


This works very similar to volunteering; you create a profile, contact hosts in the places you want to stay. You would be responsible for the upkeep of the house (and potentially pets, or farm animals!) while the host is away travelling or working. is the most popular site, but it can be competitive, so spend time creating a quality profile, and stand out from other travellers.

With both volunteering and housesitting, the sites that are more widely used do have an annual fee for you to use them, but you’ll save a lot of money in return, and meet lots of amazing people.

Finally, Couchsurfing is popular amongst those looking to travel the world for cheap, but having never experienced this style of travel, it isn’t something that I can really advise you on. We’ve only touched the surface on how to travel the world for cheap, but hopefully, this post will give you some good ideas to help you plan your round the world trip.