How to Travel Alone

How to Travel Alone

Solo travel gives you the freedom and confidence to explore and you will discover a different side of your personality when you travel alone: a more confident, outgoing person who wants to meet new people and experience new cultures.

There is a misconception that people who travel alone are lonely people, with no friends, and you can sometimes see people staring at you, wondering why you are eating at a restaurant or sat in a bar by yourself. Respond by smiling, say hello – the majority of people are intrigued.

How to travel alone Around the world

In this video, I highlight a few tips to help people who want to travel alone but do not have the confidence to do so. If you’re one of those people, think about taking an overnight stay in a neighbouring city that you’ve not visited before. Jump on a train, or get in the car, book into a hotel, eat at a nice restaurant, visit the local attractions and experience it for yourself.

My first holiday abroad was at the age of 18; most of my friends at the time were in college, but I was working and I had itchy feet to explore the world. My choice of destination could have been better, but it taught me a lot about how to travel alone.

Keep safe while travelling

The primary concern of the solo traveller is safety. Without family or friends to watch your back, you are more vulnerable to criminals and scam artists, but you can blend in more easily than a group, and not draw attention to yourself as a tourist is one way to stay secure. Walk with confidence, even when you might be lost. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching the video.