Going on Holiday Alone

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Going on Holiday Alone

There is often a misconception that people who like going on holiday alone, are lonely people who have no friends, but the truth is that many people just want to spend some time in their own company, and rediscover themselves. Over the years I have been on many holidays with groups of friends, and these have been completely different experiences, than solo holidays.

Thinking back to my first holiday abroad alone, I have never felt more confident, independent and completely full of life.

Excitement of going on holiday alone

When you arrive at your destination I cannot explain the feeling; when I climbed to the top of the Empire State Building and looked out to the amazing views of Manhattan, I took in a breath of fresh air, and exhaled. I felt like I was on top of the world, and the feelings and emotions of doing this alone was fantastic. I’m actually getting goosebumps while writing this. When I sailed under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, I could have exploded with excitement – I had travelled thousands of miles across the other side of the world alone, and I was here, in Australia.

You never, ever, forget these experiences. No matter how many countries I go to, it seems that the world gets bigger and bigger even if you feel alone, look around your not alone.

Everyone gets lonely

Sometimes I do get lonely. Sometimes I get anxious and other times I feel sad. But these things aren’t necessarily connected to travel or to being by myself. If you want to travel alone, it pretty much means exactly that: You like to travel, and you like to be on your own at least some of the time. It is amazing how many people do not understand why someone would want to go on holiday alone. For that matter, so many people won’t even go to dinner or a movie by themselves. I’ve actually had people tell me how brave I am traveling alone! Really, brave?

Solo travel is a lifestyle choice

I have been traveling the world alone as a lifestyle, and really I rarely feel lonely. There are always friendly people to meet, and making friends on the road seems to come easier than back home. There are times I travel with others. But then we all go out separate ways, and all is good. This is a wonderful way to travel, I cant imagine traveling any other way anymore!

Bintan Resorts. Photo: Gopal Seetala