Exploring the Grand Canyon

Exploring the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, a beautiful natural wonder, is situated in the south west of the Colorado Plateau. Colorado River has continuously expanded it over centuries. It is a collection of one of the world’s largest gorges, ridges and rock formations. Researches indicate that it has been lying there for more than 6 million years before a zigzag river, Colorado River, found its way through it. Due its uniqueness and marvelous beauty, thousands of people visit it each year.

Areas of the Grand Canyon

It is divided mainly into three major parts; South rim, Desert view and North rim. First place in south rim that will be worth seeing is the Grand Canyon Village. Encompassed by Mather Point, Market Plaza and Historic District, the South rim is the best option for families. There are point of entertainment for children, railroads and facilities like shuttle bus there.

The Mather Point is the place of parking and it is usually the first sight of Grand Canyon for people entering from this rim. Market Plaza comprises of general stores, bank and a post office.

The Historic District is the place where railroad depot is located. Visitors can get more information about this place by visiting Grand Canyon Visitor Center where books and pamphlets are available explaining each and every fact related to this place.

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South Rim

In South rim, Verkamp’s Visitor Center and Kolb Studio are also very historic and featured places. For the visitors who prefer to explore the place on foot, there is a fine paved Greenway Trail present in south rim which takes visitors away from this rim. Yavapai Museum of Geology, explaining all the geological features of this area, properties and mechanism of formation of rocks with the help of physical models.

Desert view

Coming to Desert view, it is a place where Colorado River changes its direction towards north while on the other side of it Painted Desert or Arizona Desert extends to Navaho and Hopi Reservations. Here Desert View Watchtower is present which not only gives some best view of deserts but is also among some of the very rare architectural monument in Grand Canyon. Tusayam Museum and Tusayan Ruin, throwing light on lives of Peublo Indian culture is sited in this portion of desert.

North Rim

North rim is the third major part of this marvelous wonder. It is mainly for those visitors who like to have less travel by roads and are fond of hiking. Bright Angel Point, a spot view place, provides a beautiful picture of Roaring Springs and Bright Angel Canyons. Point Imperial and Cape Royal are also some popular places which provide panoramic views of magnificently aesthetic place.

Most entertaining and pleasurable things to do in Grand Canyon include rafting the Colorado River, helicopter tours, hiking, camping, mule trips, biking, nature watch, bird sighting, snowshoeing, tour on Grand Canyon railway, skywalks, Havasupai falls and auto touring.

It is a place must to visit as it gives a unique experience of deserts, off-road rides and hiking which cannot be obtained from other natural hill stations.