Australia’s Gold Coast Time lapse

Australia's Gold Coast Time lapse

You will, I am sure, realise that I’m incredibly passionate about travel, and one of the reasons why I chose to create the Explorelist YouTube channel and video as my main media for my travels round the world, is because I see that is is really undervalued by tourism businesses. Australia has always being one of the leaders in destination marketing, and I believe that video has so many advantages over written or even photography when it comes to marketing a place.

One of my favourite styles of video are time lapses (and I love hyper lapses too) so I absolutely loved this video from Gold Coast Tourism who commissioned hugely talented cinematographer Joe Capra to show off the coastal city’s landscape including its 58 miles of coastline and almost 400 miles of national park lands. I absolutely love this Gold Coast time lapse, watch it!

Visiting the Gold Coast

Would this video make me want to visit Australia’s Gold Coast? Hell, yeah! I’m arriving in Australia via Sydney, but my plans were to visit Melbourne, now I am seriously considering extending my stay in Australia to visit the area. I would love to one day produce this standard of video; I know it’s unlikely but wow, if I can produce anything half as good as this I will be pleased.

Photo from the Gold Coast Tourism Facebook page.