Is Going on Holiday Alone Sad?

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Is Going on Holiday Alone Sad?

This week, a viewer of my videos on YouTube messaged me and asked if it was sad or embarrassing to go on holiday abroad in your early 20’s. There is a perception that those who travel alone, do not have any friends, or are loners. While many solo travellers are introverts, they do have the confidence to explore the world alone, and that in itself is fascinating.

No, you are not sad and you should not feel embarrassed going on holiday alone. Why? Well, for a start you will meet more people, than you would with a group of friends. Most groups don’t mix well, where as a group are much likely to have a conversation with someone who is alone, because they are surprised that they have the confidence to do so.

Travel alone, or travel no where

Let’s pretend that you desperatly want to go to Sydney in Australia, but your family or friends are not interested, or, they cannot afford to travel there. You have two options – either you go on holiday alone, or, with your family or friends to places that you don’t really have any desire to visit.

Solo travellers are confident people

It will feel uncomfortable the first few times you go on holiday alone, especially in restaurants, but the more you do it, the more easier it becomes. You will receive the odd glance across the tables, but it isn’t because they think you’re sad, it’s because they are impressed by your confidence.

Benefits of solo travel

There are many benefits to going on holiday alone – for a start you have the freedom and flexibility to do what you want to do every single day. You choose the activities, where you eat for dinner, and where you go in the evening – no disagreements when someone in your group wants to eat somewhere else, or, doesn’t want to go out partying that evening.

You will learn more about yourself, and that taking steps outside of the comfort zone is important in life. What does not kill you, makes you stronger and that’s so true. When you are left on your own, you start fighting for what really matters to you. The more you travel, the less you fear.

As long as you make regular solo trips, you will feel more confident each time, no matter what your fear is which is also a good excuse to travel regularly.