Do you need travelers insurance?

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Do you need travellers insurance?

One popular question asked by readers is, do you need travelers insurance on a round the world trip? The quick answer is most certainly yes! You would be taking a risk going on a week’s vacation abroad without insurance, never mind a six-month round the world trip, and here’s why.

Over the years I have lost count the amount of times a story is highlighted on the news about a traveller who has gone to a country like Thailand, being involved in moped accident, and ended up with a £30,000 medical bill – believe me it happens a lot.

Insurance is much more than medical protection

Remember that Travel insurance is much than just medical protection. Most policies cover you when your camera breaks, your flight is cancelled, a family member dies and you have to come home, lose a bag, or something is stolen.

Shop around for the best deals

Comparison websites like Travel Supermarket are timesavers when it comes to shopping around for the best deals, but, do not necessarily go for the cheapest price – look at what you’re covered for, and read carefully the terms of the policy. Also bear in mind that some insurance companies are not available on comparison websites, and you have to purchase direct through them.

Don’t forget to speak with your bank because many accounts nowadays include some level of travel insurance cover.

European Health Insurance Card

While it is important to apply for European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), remember that you will still need to purchase travel insurance because while the card gives you access to free or subsidised medical care in European countries – it does not include having to fly you home while you’re ill. The EHIC card is free and you can apply via the NHS website.

Travelers insurance for backpackers

Most travel insurance policies only cover you for a maximum of 30 days on one trip, so if you are heading off on a GAP year, or, round the world trip, you need to look for backpackers insurance. This will cover for you a longer period of time.

Pre-existing medical conditions

The final area I am going to cover is something many travellers neglect and that is revealing any pre-existing medical conditions. It’s vital because should your illness be linked, and you’ve not told the insurance company, and not pay to be covered, and then you’ll be responsible for your own medical costs. Being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, I always make sure that I pay the additional premium to be covered should the worse happened – it is not something you should take risks with.

Hopefully, you’ve found this useful and will take some advice on board when planning your trip.